Come Home to Yourself Challenge

21-Day Come Home to Yourself Challenge

Build Confidence, Improve Self-love and Elevate Your True Authentic Self in 21 Days!

Come Home to Yourself Challenge

You're About To...

Build Confidence

Let go of self-judgement and learn the amazing power of confidence. I'll guide you through exercises designed to build your trust and beliefs in yourself.

Improve Self-love

Self-love is the foundation of our lives! It's time to give this love to yourself as much as you give love to others in your life!

Release Anxiety

Wake up each day free from anxiety. Quiet the fear and lean into love instead. Embrace the peace that comes from letting go.

Elevate Your True Authentic Self

Let go of what the world tells you and what your parents told you and step into who you really are, who you were put on this Earth to be.

The inspiration you've been looking for.

The Come Home Challenge offers a simple, structured daily lessons and exercises that will get you excited about confidence and self-love and make it easy for you to step into your true self.

I’ve mastered this practice through my own deep desire to feel good about myself. Being me and giving myself as much love as I give away is the most important thing I do every day. It’s kept me calm, healthy and grateful no matter what I may be going through.

You might find this kind of personal growth intimidating or think it’s impossible to make these kinds of changes so quickly, or that you don’t have time to dedicate to this challenge. I’m going to help you through those fears now!

I’ve laid out the plan for you and I’ll guide you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been learning about confidence and self-love for years or are a complete beginner. All you have to do is show up.

And here’s my promise: By the end of this 21-day challenge, you’ll have improved confidence, a solid foundation of self-love and a calm mind.

If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place...

You feel like you're not enough.

This Come Home Challenge will offer you a simple exercise that you can do every morning. This practice will help you break through the fear that you're not enough and help you build the confidence that you need to step into who you were made to be. You'll be able to meet your fears with compassion and be open to choosing love instead of fear.

You want to make a change in your life, but you feel something holding you back.

This challenge will completely change the way that you approach and handle your fears! Fear holds us back from so many things in our lives, even things that we really want to do and that we know are good for us. In this challenge, you'll learn how to witness that fear and how to use your fears to push you forward.

You're overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out!

This Come Home Challenge will give you a simple exercise that you will complete every morning and give you a feeling of accomplishment every single day. This practice will help you calm your fears and trust that everything that's out of your control will work out. I'll walk you through how to focus on what you can control and meet your fears with compassion and love.

You're interested but you think you don't have time right now.

Maybe you're stressed out with your day job or your kids are starting school again and you're worried you won't have time for even 10 minutes a day. In this challenge, you'll learn firsthand that a daily exercise doesn't have to be a burden. In fact, you'll look forward to your lessons each day and you'll feel accomplished and empowered to create a personal growth routine that works for you!


Why Do a challenge?

"If you wait until you're ready you'll be waiting for the rest of your life."

I'm sure you've heard this before. It's a cliche that's overused, but people use it so much because it's true.

A challenge offers you the opportunity to face your biggest challenges and get a transformation in 21-days! With a guided program you're challenged to make yourself a priority in the middle of work and school and family and obligations. This is a dedicated time for you to focus on you and give yourself the love and attention that you deserve.

When confidence and self-love become your habits, your life will change forever. Each day of this challenge will help you feel surrounded with love.

how it works...

21 Daily Lessons

Starting September 12, 2021, you'll get a new lesson from me each day, in your email and in your exclusive member platform. Each lesson will help you build a daily practice in personal growth and self-love and easily integrate it into your life. On day 21 join me for a live lesson and celebration of your accomplishment!

Different Types of Exercises

During this 21-day challenge, you'll get a variety of exercises and lessons to help you grow in different ways. You might be surprised which ones you love the most!

Accountability & Commitment

This challenge gives you a simple task to complete every day to help you build your practice. There's accountability built-in, along with the commitment from you to follow through with the program. You also have an amazing community to keep you on track!

Community Support

Join an exclusive community through our Facebook Group who are all committed to the same journey. You'll meet people just like you who are learning and growing right along with you!

Exclusive Member Platform

Your member portal is where you'll find all of the lessons and exercises, along with your exclusive journal to track your challenge progress. You'll have access to the lessons and exercises through the end of November 2021.

Exclusive Journal

I made an exclusive Come Home Challenge journal just for you! Keep track of your challenge progress and your personal growth through the program with this unique tool!

A community that feels like home!

When you sign up for the Come Home Challenge, you're not alone. You don't have to go through this journey solo and figure everything out for yourself. There is a wonderful and amazing group of souls just like you who are ready and willing to surround you with all of the love and support that you desire during this challenge! You might even make a few lifelong friends along the way!

the Come Home challenge is perfect for you if you're ready to...

Build Confidence

Let go of self-judgment and learn the amazing power of confidence. I'll guide you through exercises designed to build your trust and beliefs in yourself.

Embrace Self-Love

You'll be amazed how simple and easy it is to step into love when you make time every day for yourself.

Feel Good

When you let go of fear and step into confidence, you'll start feeling good about yourself like never before! When you feel good, you attract the things that you desire!

Make Friends

This challenge is full of people just like you looking for connection and friendship. It's so easy to make friends when you're here for the same reason and focused on the same goals.

Get Motivated

Committing to this challenge will help you make the changes that you've been seeking to make for so long. Stop putting them off and start asking for more!

Be Happy

Happiness comes from knowing that you are worth it, from doing as much for yourself as you do for others, from embracing love and eliminating fear. This challenge will truly transform that way you think about happiness and help you embrace it once and for all!

Build Confidence, Improve Self-love and Elevate Your True Authentic Self in 21 Days!

Come Home to Yourself Challenge

I’ll be your confidence coach for 21 days! September 12 - October 2, 2021

A simple, structured 21-day practice delivered daily to your inbox and member platform

Make your practice stick with a variety of exercises and lessons

Facebook group access; the earlier you join the longer you have access, AND we are extending access for the entire month of September

Exclusive invitation to the LIVE presentation and celebration with me on October 2, 2021



Please note that the challenge is non-refundable. I believe so deeply in the miracles you're about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing your challenge through.

the ExTRA BONUS!!!

Big news! I just added one last EXTRA bonus to the Come Home to Yourself Challenge! When you register today, in the next 24-hours, you'll get Your Life's Calling -a 3-day workshop ($197 Value) for FREE on top of the 21-Day Challenge!

This EXTRA bonus, that's designed especially for INFJs, will give you the exact steps that you need to take to find your purpose in this amazing life, figure out what work you love and give you the confidence that you need to make this transition!

Your Life's Calling is a 3-day workshop that will help you connect to the message that your soul needs to hear. We'll dig in to figure out what your purpose in this world is through several guided exercises (I've got you! YOu can totally get to the bottom of this!!). And we'll talk about how you can actually make money doing these things. Whether it's writing or drawing or sharing your energy! Let's do this together!!


Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. Starting September 12, 2021 you'll get access to a member portal with a new lesson every single day for 21 days. You'll need between 5 and 20 minutes to complete each one. I'll also send you an email reminder every day.

There is an exclusive member Facebook community that's available for you as well.

What if I get behind in the challenge?

You'll have access to the challenge through the end of November 2021, so if you miss a day or want to repeat a day or 2, you'll have plenty of time to get it done.

What if I'm not happy?

The Come Home Challenge is non-refundable. I believe so much in the miracles that you'll receive in this challenge and I urge you to be committed when you enroll.

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still do the challenge?

Yes! Absolutely. The challenge material is in a portal through Thinkific. You don't need Facebook to access it.

The live lesson on day 21 will be done through Zoom, so there's no need for Facebook.

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