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About INFJ Community.


There are various courses offered in the INFJ Community from time to time. All of them provide information that is specifically tailored to the INFJ Personality.

Connect Live Podcast.

Connect Live podcast is a weekly video podcast that is exclusive to INFJ Community members. Join me, Sarah Kuhn, along with other INFJ guests to discuss the things that matter to us most!

Book Club.

There are several groups inside the INFJ Community about specific topics. One of them is a book club that is designed to inspire us to read an amazing book and come together once a week to discuss what we've learned.



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Here is what people are saying about being a part of this community:

"I am beginning to see glimmers of hope that I am capable of engaging with people the way I want to - not just the way I “should”. This feeling of somehow being connected and maybe even understood without being judged has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for facilitating more openness and a safe environment."

"It feels like you knocked and the door opens. You’re surrounded by people who say “me too” or “I understand”. While hearing this, you feel all the tension and hardness from the world melt away. You breathe a sigh of relief, walk through the door, and watch it shut on the rest of the world for the time being."

"It feels like I've found my habitable zone, though most of the time I chose to remain the observer. It's like I don't have to prove anything to anyone, my mere existence will not be questioned, and I won't have to explain anything as if it were rocket science."

"This community is very "embracing." Like a warm hug after a long journey away from home."

Let's do this.